How To Block Your Crochet

BLOCKING is the process of 'shaping your crochet' to acheive the very best finish.

I always like to block my Baby Blankets and Cardigans so that they look as good as can be. Here I will explain 'How to Block Your Crochet'.

My Beginner's Bobble Blanket Pattern and Bobtail Cardi Pattern have been used for this Blocking Tutorial.

How to Block your crochet


* A BLOCKING BOARD - (Foam Pad) You can use any padded surface covered with a towel such as a foot stool or for small items you could use an ironing board or cork bulletin board.  

* PINS - You will need some steel pins (rust proof) I have used blocking 'T' pins which are easily available from craft stores, but you may also use dressmakers pins.

* A MISTING BOTTLE - Water Misting Bottles are easily available. I recycled an empty product spray bottle.

Crochet Blocking

I have used a proffessional blocking board. This one is particularly useful for blocking several items at once or for blocking larger items such as blankets, as the gridlines are very helpful in making sure your crochet is straight and square.

How to block crochet


1. Lay out your crocheted item on the prepared area. If you are blocking a cardigan or item of clothing, do up the buttons, straighten up the seams, pull the hems and collar into line.

2. Pin it out, inserting your pins straight down through the crochet into the padded surface.  When your crochet is looking good, spray with water using a misting bottle, there is no need to completely soak it, just enough so that you can see the fine water droplets evenly sprayed across the surface and it feels damp to the touch.

3. Leave to dry naturally, this can take a few hours, so overnight is great!

And that's all there is to it! Pin it, Wet it, Leave it! 

Blocking a blanket

You will be amazed at the difference this will make to your crochet and help you achieve a more professional finish:-) 

Blocking baby blankets

Most types of crochet will benefit from this process, however there are a few exceptions such as hats for instance, that are going to be shaped on the head, or amigurumi (crocheted toys), that are perhaps going to be stuffed with filling. Blocking is particularly important for lace crochet. 

How to block your blanket

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How to Block your crochet

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I hope you have enjoyed my Crochet Blocking Tutorial.

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