Safety & Care


Kerry Jayne Designs

Safety and Care Guidance For Making KJD Patterns


When adding embellishments i.e Buttons, Pompoms, Appliques to crocheted items, please follow these guidelines to make your crocheted items as safe as possible for babies and children.

ALL ITEMS - Ensure finished items are well made and that all yarn ends are sewn in securely by weaving them back and forth several times into the back of the item.

BUTTONS - Always make sure buttons are sewn on securely, oversew them several times to ensure they cannot come off.

POM-POMS - Are not intended as a toy for babies or young children. Ensure your pom-poms have been made well and that no threads can be pulled out as shedding pom-poms are a potential choking hazard. When making pom-poms, wrap the yarn around the middle at least twice, tying firmly with a double knot in between each wrap around. Oversew through the middle with needle and sewing cotton several times to ensure the pom-pom is totally secure, check your pom-poms regularly. Babies and young children should always be supervised if wearing an item with a pom-pom. If in doubt leave them off or remove them.

APPLIQUES - Always make sure the appliques are sewn on well with strong cotton thread using small backstitches around the outside edge, oversew several times when finishing off so they cannot be removed. Check that all appliques/embellishments are secure.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS To ensure the longevity of handmade items, I would recommend: Gentle handwash with mild detergent, rinse well, slow spin, dry naturally or low heat. Always check item regularly after washing to ensure no parts i.e, buttons, appliques, pom poms have become loose, to avoid a choking hazard.

INCLUDE A SAFETY NOTE - If you are making your crocheted item as a gift or for an order for a customer, include a clear safety note or tag, I would recommend attaching it to the item to avoid the note getting lost in the packaging.

I hope you find this guidance helpful.

Happy crocheting, have a lovely day!

Kerry-Jayne x