Designing a pattern.

Designing a crochet pattern


Hi Everyone! Thank you for coming to visit me at Kerry Jayne Designs! I hope you will enjoy browsing around my happy and colourful website, where I hope to be able to provide you with lots of interesting blog posts and fun crochet tutorials :-)

I absolutely love designing crochet patterns! And there is a lot that goes into it I can tell you. It all begins with an idea...


An idea will ping into my head at the strangest of times, often when I'm in the shower, or out shopping, sometimes in the middle of the night when I cant sleep, then I'm quietly grappling around for a pen in the dark trying not to disturb the hubby, making a quick note in case I forget my idea in the morning. That used to happen a lot and was so frustrating when I woke up and remembered I had a brilliant idea but had no idea what it was! Now I try to keep a pen with me and do a quick note or sketch right there and then. Some of my best designs have started on the back of a till receipt!


I like to draw out the design with just a pencil outline and print it out, making several copies. Next I color in the design, I have a lovely selection of colored pencils that I use and I try to match them up to the yarn colors that I have in mind for the design model.


I look at many different yarn brands. All with varying color palettes. I select the yarn that I think would work best for my design and provide me with just the right colors. I look at the color palette I spend a long time making sure the colors work well together and the tones are just right.