Emoji Blanket UK

Emoji Blanket UK

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Character emoji blanket crochet pattern
Unique crochet pattern By Kerry Jayne Designs

Written UK English Terms
For USA Terms click HERE
Level - Advanced beginner - A knowledge of basic crochet stitches needed.
Emoji / Emoticons are fast becoming part of our language in helping us to communicate a range of feelings, tone and expression through cyber text.

Young children understand facial expression from a very early age. Here I have combined emotional expression with fun characters in a quirky colorful blanket.

Meet the Squircles - Granny grin, Grandpa grumps, Million dollar Mum, Doctor dad, Pirate Pete, Sulky Sally, Funny Freddie, Dj Dillon and Football Finn.
Let your child use there imagination to choose their own names for added fun!
The perfect sized blanket for your child to snuggle up with on the sofa or can be used in the stroller :-)
Aran weight yarn has been used for the main parts and cotton DK/ light worsted for the faces.
Mix and match the characters with plain squares or make them all :-)
Can be adjusted and made to any size to fit your requirements simply by adding more squares.

INCLUDES: A conversion chart - UK/USA stitch terms. 
A stitch guide. 
A Step by step photo tutorial of the Granny square.
Tension guide
Clear easy to follow written instructions.

PATTERNS: Due to the electronic nature of my patterns, I cannot offer any refunds.